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As we all know, the commodity markets are moving higher everyday. This is causing the prices of foods to increase, as well. Higher prices for meats and poultry have been up the most and are forcing everyone who offers these items to make drastic changes. Some are either reducing the amount that they offer or are using products of a lesser quality. Goode and Fresh will NEVER use a lower quality product. We are committed to the highest standards; we have been for the past 31 years and will continue to do so for years to come. However, at this time, we do need to make some price adjustments to our menu. Some items may have slight increases, while others may be a bit more in order to maintain those quality standards. Thank you for your understanding, Jay, Kris and the Goode and Fresh Staff

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Hand Made Loaded With Lots Of Fresh Wisconsin Wholemilk Mozzarella Cheese and the Freshest Meats & Veggies

2 TOPPINGS ARE FREE $6.99==============

Blast Pan Pizza With 3 toppings

Serves 2-3 - 8 SLICES It's Our Blast Pan Pizza Premium Toppings Xtra

$ 7.99 WOW! What A Deal -------------------------

2 pc Wing & Breast Broasted Chicken + 1 Side + 1 Soda


Gyros Sandwich

Sliced From The Cone !

Free Fries & Pop


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10 % Off Any Order! ------------------------------------------------

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